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Date: 14th May 2016
PTFE Films
Equipped with ptfe films material and properties,Website:http://www.typtfe-seals.com, Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd is one of the best ptfe films manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can buy our ptfe films in stock and check the price with our factory.Brief:thickness: 0.03mm -0.5mm?width: 30mm -200mmdelivery time:10-30daysMOQ: 10kgPTFE Film /Cut belt is made of die-pressed PTFE blanks and has excellent dielectric performance and weathering. It is a non-orientated film and may be pressed to become orientated or semi-orientated film, i.e. suede pads, seals and lubricating materials in various media. They can also become insulating pieces under various frequencies, a capacitor medium, conductor insulator and insulation for electricity meters.PTFE film Specifications:?1) Orientated: thickness: 0.03mm -0.1mm; width: 30mm -100mm2) Non-orientated: thickness: 0.05mm -0.5mm; width: 30mm -200mm?ApplicationPTFE films used for dielectric, special cable insulation, wire insulation, electrical insulation and sealing gaskets instrument, non-stick tape, sealing tape and stripping.
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